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Cloud Backup Services

Protect your valuable data on the cloud, imagine if there’s a fire? A flood? A burglary? or a major catastrophe could mean you lose your data.

A good online backup service may provide benefits, such as synchronising folders with your computers and generating links for files so you can share them with friends. A web view on your files will make them easily accessible from any device.


 Unlimited online cloud storage
∴ Backup to external hard drive
∴ Automatic & unattended backups
∴ No bandwidth caps
∴ No file size limits
∴ Incremental & differential
∴ Continuous Backup frequency
∴ Select individual files for backup
∴ Backup scheduling
∴ File encryption (Blowfish) 448-bit
∴ Transmission encryption 128-bit AES
∴ Restore Features
∴ Keep deleted files forever
∴ Unlimited file versions retained
∴ Restore individual files
∴ Web browser file access / restore
∴ Mobile app file access


  • How is Microsis Cloud different from other online backup services?
    Unlike ordinary online backup, Microsis Cloud lets you back up to other destinations in addition to online. You can back up to your other computers, external hard drives and to computers that belong to friends and family for free. If you want to back up online too, purchase an unlimited backup plan.

  • How long does Microsis Cloud keep deleted files?
    Unless you specify otherwise, Microsis Cloud keeps deleted files forever.

  • What operating systems are compatible?
    Microsis Cloud works on Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

  • How secure is my backup?
    Microsis Cloud use 448-bit encryption.

  • Is there a file size limit?
    There is no limit for individual files. Keep in mind, when you do a web restore (using your browser) there is a 250MB limit.

  • What if I want to cancel or change my plan?
    Simple just call us and we will initiate cancellation immediately. You will need to give us 1 full month notice of cancellation.

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